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Helical Case Study

High Performance Chamfer Mills

The results are in! Helical’s new Chamfer Mills are shredding the
competition and impressing the most experienced machinists.


Manufacturers at multiple end user sites were challenged to swap out competitors' chamfer mill for one of Helical’s new High Performance Chamfer Mills. The results were impressive – Helical’s Chamfer Mills saved time, increased production, extended tool life, and achieved better results across the board.

The Helical Advantage

Case Study 1: Titanium 6 AL-4V

Increased running parameters and improved surface finish.

While using a competitor’s tool, one machinist experienced several machining issues while working in Titanium 6AL-4V: excessive flank and corner wear, chipped cutting edges, poor surface finish, and notching. After switching to a 90° High Performance Chamfer Mill with 5 flutes and an Aplus coating, running parameters increased and all other problems were resolved. A 16 RMS surface finish was achieved using Helical’s tool, versus a 64 RMS finish with the competition.

Titanium 6 AL-4V

Case Study 2: 12L14 Steel

Extended tool life and increased surface footage.

Prior to using Helical, one machinist was facing short tool life and slow running parameters while cutting 12L14 Steel. Frustrated with the time and money being spent to make fewer of a lesser-quality product, the machinist turned to Helical for a solution. Using a 90°, 5 flute High Performance Chamfer Mill, the end user was able to increase running speeds and surface footage while relying on an extended tool life compared with the competition.

12L14 Steel

The Tools

Offered in 60°, 90°, and 120° angles and 3 or 5 flutes, Helical’s fresh line of Chamfer Mills feature new tip diameters for programming accuracy and its unique helix angle geometry will leave a great finish on your part. New tip diameters allow for accurate programming and the ability to touch off to achieve precise chamfer heights. Each tool is helically ground with positive axial rake and clearance, creating excellent results in titanium and all ferrous materials up to 55 Rc.

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