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Helical Milling Advisor™

The Helical Milling Advisor™, designed to calculate optimal milling parameters, will help users get the most out of Helical endmills. This free, downloadable program provides recommendations for various milling options, including traditional and high efficiency machining techniques. These recommendations, based on material type, endmill features, machine set-up, and other factors, provide you with a good starting point for running Helical endmills.

  • Over 300 material grades/conditions to work with
  • Work within the capability of your machine, tool and set-up
  • Get recommendations for cut depths and cut widths
  • Override default cut depth/width to better suit your machining requirements
  • Quickly adjust speeds & feeds to optimize your machining conditions
  • Access technical information related to materials, Helical endmills, and more

Currently Windows compatible only.

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