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New 2018 Product Catalog

Run Faster. Push Harder. Machine Smarter.

Introducing the New Helical 2018 Catalog! We’re excited to share more than 800 new tooling options with you, each sure to heighten your shop’s efficiency by allowing for faster speeds, more aggressive feeds, and the technical expertise to help along the way. Explore our complete offering, now exceeding 3,400 tooling options, including our new line of High Balance – Reduced Neck End Mills for Aluminum. Additionally, you’ll find that we’ve added metric sizes to 10 high performance product tables, allowing machinists to achieve the same extraordinary results in metric applications. Let Helical Impress You with all of its latest options and innovations introduced in its 2018 Product Catalog. Get your copy today!

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New Tooling Options

End Mills for Aluminum - High Balance - Reduced Neck

Our new High Balance tools are designed to significantly increase performance in highly balanced machining centers capable of elevated RPMs and feed rates. This new product is available in 2-flute solid and 3-flute coolant-through options, and with square or corner radius profiles.

Metric Offering

Achieve the same extraordinary results in metric applications with 10 high performance product tables now available in metric sizes.

Tplus Coating

Increase performance and tool life in rigid machining set ups with our Tplus coating, now offered standard on 7 product lines, including HEV-5 Square, HEV-5 Corner Radius, HEV-6 Square, HEV-6 Corner Radius, HEV-7 Square, HEV-7 Corner Radius, and HXF.

Chipbreaker Roughers

Our new Chipbreaker Roughers, in 5-flute, or 7-flute styles, feature offset chipbreaker geometry which creates smaller chips for optimal evacuation and a semi-finished surface.

Weldon Flats

Additionally, we’ve added Weldon Flats to our 4-Flute Square End Mills for Steels and 4-Flute Corner Radius End Mills for Steels, as well as to the 4-Flute Rougher End Mills for Steels.

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