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The Helical Difference

At Helical Solutions, there is nothing more important to us than YOU - our customer. Our trained Customer Service team provides prompt, friendly, and professional service. When it is time to fill your order, each tool is hand-packed and the order is rechecked for accuracy before it goes out the door, resulting in an order accuracy rate of 99.7%. We strive to always treat your business needs as if they were our own.

Our Tools Deliver


Increased MRR  |  Better Part Finish  |  Extended Tool Life  |  Improved Bottom Line

Let Helical Impress You


Helical has a reputation as an industry-leading manufacturer of high performance carbide end mills. We consistently outperform other manufacturers by offering extremely high quality, fully stocked cutting tools at competitive prices, ensuring that you enjoy the best results while maximizing your shop’s profitability

Outstanding Technical Expertise

Our team of experienced engineers live and breathe cutting tools and are enthusiastic about maximizing your shop floor productivity. Whether it be in your shop or over the phone, we have knowledgeable technical field representatives and in-house tool experts available to help you with tool selection, tool design, application support, and troubleshooting.


run faster


Helical end mills are meticulously designed for maximum rigidity to support aggressive speeds and feeds. Use Machining Advisor Pro to optimize your running parameters.

Push Harder


Engineered for optimal performance in non-ferrous and ferrous materials, our unique geometries ensure extended tool life and significantly higher metal removal rates.

Machine Smarter


Unlike most of the industry’s end mills, Helical’s products are specifically built to withstand and take full advantage of high efficiency milling techniques.

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