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Tool Renewal Program

Helical's Tool Renewal Program


Some of the world’s largest manufacturers working in the industry’s most demanding applications rely on Helical’s renewal services. We take our role in maximizing our end users’ bottom line very seriously and work hard to ensure that our Tool Renewal Program results in cost savings over new tools without sacrificing any aspects of the original design. Our proven process ensures that our end users will continue to experience outstanding productivity post-renewal.

When a tool is simply resharpened, only the cutting portion of the tool is addressed; the tool’s critical features such as helix angle, rake, relief, and gash are left unrestored. At Helical, we do not resharpen tools. Rather, we entirely restore your tools to their original geometry with our Tool Reconditioning and Remanufacturing services.

Tool Renewal

Tools like our HEV-5 are a popular choice for our Renewal Program, as they are often used in long production runs

How It Works


We will review the condition of your used tool and return the cutting edge to its original sharpness and strength. Using the same talented staff and state-of-the-art machines that designed and manufactured the original tool, we regrind the tool form – including rake, relief, and clearance angle – onto your cutting edge. Additionally, the renewed tool follows the same inspection, edge prep, and coating process we follow for our new tools.

How To Get Started


Our Tool Renewal Program is unique to the industry because of our extensive attention to detail. Both our Tool Reconditioning and Tool Remanufacturing services follow more than a dozen steps to return a tool’s geometry to its original state.

We have found that the cost savings our end users experience when choosing whether or not to recondition a set of tools is highly correlated to the number of tools and their diameters. We have established minimum renewal lot sizes by diameter that enable us to provide outstanding renewal services at a great value.

The Process



Our inbound inspection process determines which renewal path your tool will take: reconditioning or remanufacturing. While reconditioning is ideal for tools that have experienced normal wear, remanufacturing is optimal for tools with excessive wear or degradation


Your tools are reground to match their original specifications. Tools in need of remanufacturing go through an additional step where a portion of the cutting edge is removed from the tool. As a result, it will have a slightly smaller overall length, but retain its outstanding performance.

Edge Prep

Your tools then undergo the same proprietary edge conditioning procedures as any new tool - including our renowned honing method. In doing so, the cutting portion of the tool is returned to its original strength and sharpness.


Before your tools reach the final outbound inspection stage, they are recoated in-house on state-of-the-art machines. This final step ensures that tools are in the best possible condition for your application and material.