New Products

New 2020 Product Catalog

We're proud to announce Helical's new 2020 Catalog! This edition features several new and exciting product lines, including the new HVTI-6, an offering of End Mills for High Efficiency Milling in Titanium; and High Feed End Mills, which take advantage of chip thinning with a specifically engineered end profile to increase machining efficiencies.


Additionally, you'll see that we've expanded more than a dozen product tables, including in our popular HEV-5 line of tooling, optimized for Steels, High-Temp Alloys, and Titanium. We're sure that our new 2020 Product Catalog will impress you. Get your copy today!

New Tooling Options for 2020

End Mills for Titanium - 6 Flute - Corner Radius - Variable Pitch - For High Efficiency Milling


Utilize the HVTI-6, Helical Solutions' product line of tooling optimized for Titanium 6Al4V and other titanium alloys, to achieve exceptional performance in High Efficiency Milling (HEM).

end mills for titanium

High Feed End Mills - Steels Up To 45 Rc


Designed for high feed applications, High Feed End Mills take advantage of chip thinning with a specifically engineered end profile to increase machining efficiencies. Similar to High Efficiency Milling (HEM) techniques, the milling technique for these tools allows for drastically increased feed rates to maximize chip thickness and keep radial forces low. This unique tool is offered with coolant through and reduced neck geometries, and is fully stocked.

High Feed End Mills

End Mills for Steels - 6 Flute - Corner Radius - Chipbreaker Rougher - Variable Pitch


This 6 flute, corner radius end mill for steels is engineered to excel in High Efficiency Milling (HEM), and features offset chipbreaker geometry for optimal chip evacuation, as well as reduced harmonics and tool pressure.

6 Flute Chipbreaker End Mill

End Mills for Aluminum - 2 Flute - Corner Radius - 45° Helix


Designed with a high helix for improved part finish and shearing action, this 2 flute end mill with a corner radius profile is offered uncoated or with Zplus coating for maximum performance in aluminum and non-ferrous alloys.

2 flute 45 helix corner radius

End Mills for Aluminum - 3 Flute - Corner Radius - 35° Helix - Variable Pitch - Chipbreaker Rougher - Reduced Neck


Helical's H35ALV-C-RN-3 product offering, a 3 flute, corner radius end mill, is engineered with optimized variable pitch and chipbreaker geometries for reduced harmonics and elevated material removal rates (MRR).

35 degree chipbreaker reduced neck

End Mills for Steels - 6 Flute - Reduced Neck


This 6 flute end mill is designed specifically for excellent results in light profiling, High Efficiency Milling (HEM), and finishing applications. Offered fully stocked with square, ball, or corner radius profiles, this new tool features reduced neck geometry, optimized to provide maximum strength in long reach and deep pocketing applications.

Reduced Neck End Mills