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New 2019 Product Catalog

We’re proud to announce Helical’s New 2019 Catalog! This edition features more than 700 new tooling options to simplify your machining operations and boost your shop’s productivity. Explore our offering of the industry’s most comprehensive selection of stocked cutting tools, which now includes two entirely new product lines: 35° Helix Variable Pitch Chipbreaker Rougher for Aluminum, and 3 Flute 45° Helix Corner Radius End Mill for Aluminum.


Additionally, you’ll find that we substantially expanded our offering of Tplus coated tools across our HEV-5, HEV-6, and HEV-7 product lines. Let Helical Impress You with all of its latest options and innovations introduced in its 2019 Product Catalog. Get your copy today!

New Tooling Options for 2019

35° Helix Variable Pitch Chipbreaker Rougher for Aluminum


The unique combination of variable pitch and chipbreaker geometries allow for enhanced chip evacuation and reduced harmonics. Achieve higher material removal rates and cleaner final parts while simultaneously enjoying prolonged tool life.

35 degree chipbreaker

3 Flute 45° Helix Corner Radius End Mill for Aluminum


We’ve taken one of our popular tooling lines for Aluminum, the 3 Flute 45° End Mill, and have given it a radius for increased cutting edge strength. Further, experience excellent surface finish with this high helix tool which comes in either uncoated or Zplus coated styles.

45 degree 3 flute

High Performance Chamfer Mills - Extra-Long Length


We’ve added two extra-long length options to our line of 3 & 5 Flute Helical Flute Chamfer Mills. Now, utilize our 90° cutter with a 4-inch or 6-inch overall length for long-reach applications.

High Performance Chamfer Mills

Tplus Coating Expansion


Our Tplus Coating has been praised by users for its tremendous durability in rigid, vibration-free machine setups. This coating, designed for a wide variety of ferrous and difficult-to-machine materials including titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, and high hardness materials up to 65 Rc, is now available in even more sizes throughout our most popular End Mills for Steels product lines.

tplus coating

Weldon Flat Additions


The 2019 Helical Product Catalog features new Weldon Flat additions to several product lines including HEV-5 Square and Corner Radius, the HSV Square and Corner Radius, and the HSVR-C-4 Corner Radius.

Weldon Flat