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Aluminum & Non-ferrous Materials

With proven performance in industry-leading shops, our End Mills for Aluminum are designed with geometries specifically engineered to accelerate metal removal rates and achieve a quality finish in aluminum and non-ferrous materials. The end mills in this section are stocked uncoated or with a Zplus coating and in 3 helix angles: 35°, 40°, and 45°.

2 Flute

2 flute, 45° helix end mills for aluminum in a variety of sizes, in square and ball profiles, and in standard or reduced neck styles.

3 Flute

3 flute end mills for aluminum in 35°, 40°, and 45° helix styles are stocked in a variety of sizes, coatings, and geometries.


Chipbreaker geometry divides long, stringy chips into small, manageable pieces for excellent performance and chip evacuation when roughing in aluminum.

High Balance

High Balance End Mills, designed to minimize chatter and harmonics in rigid machining setups, are offered in unique sizes, styles, and coolant through options.

5 Flute

5 flute end mills specially engineered for optimal performance in High Efficiency Milling (HEM) of aerospace aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous alloys.


Helical Solutions' fully stocked offering of Multi-Axis Finishers for aluminum and aluminum alloys feature a specially defined profile for massive reductions in cycle time and vastly improved surface finish. This selection is coated with Helical's Nplus coating for maximum performance in abrasive aluminums and extended tool life in a wide variety of non-ferrous alloys.