A Harvey Performance Company

Specialty Profiles

Helical Solutions fully stocks the products you need most for the specialty cuts your part requires. Our Specialty Profiles product offering includes Chamfer Mills, offered in straight flute and helical flute styles, and Combination Chamfer/End Mills. Each product is fully stocked and ready to ship the day of its purchase, ensuring that your machine downtime is limited.

Tapered End Mills

The tapered profile of this Helical Solutions End Mill is engineered for optimal performance in light profiling and mold and die finishing applications. Fully stocked in 4 and 5 flute options with a variable pitch geometry for reduced harmonics and increased feed rates, this tool is coated with our Aplus coating for improved tool life and increased edge strength.

Corner Rounding End Mills

Helically ground with a positive rake and engineered with large pilot diameters, this offering of Helical Solutions tooling is engineered to provide unmatched strength and consistency in corner rounding applications.

Chamfer Mills

Designed for improved finish and increased tool life, Helical’s chamfer cutters are offered in two forms. Our straight flute chamfer cutters, available with 2 or 4 flutes, are perfect for high quality results in standard chamfering operations. Our unique helically fluted design is stocked in 2, 3, 4, and 5 flutes and is an ideal choice for achieving maximum finish quality in materials up to 55 Rc.

Combination Chamfer/End Mills

Engineered for both chamfering and side milling applications, featuring Tplus coating for superior performance in difficult-to-machine materials.