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Helical Solutions' tooling offering is designed to excel in specific material groups. Browse from tooling optimized for aluminum and non-ferrous materials to exotic materials, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, and titanium.
Aluminum & Non-ferrous Materials

CNC machining solutions for aluminum include a variety of flute counts, geometries, and profiles designed to boost MRR.


Steel can be difficult-to-machine if not approached correctly. Helical's line of end mills for steel is your first step to CNC machining success.

Stainless Steel

With many different stainless steel alloys and grades, it's critical to opt for CNC tooling specifically purposed to achieve greatness in them all.

Cast Iron

CNC machining gummy materials, such as cast iron, demands tooling that's optimized for success and intended to alleviate all-too-common machining woes.

Exotic Metals

A selection of tooling optimized for exotic materials with different purposes, including slotting, traditional and HEM roughing, and finishing.


Titanium is a staple in the aerospace, medical, amd automotive industries, but ensuring your CNC tooling is optimized for it is critical to success.