Aluminum & Non-ferrous Materials

Earn a competitive advantage in aluminum and non-ferrous materials by opting for material specific CNC end mills that are designed to deliver.

The 45° helix on this 2 flute end mill for aluminum makes this CNC tool a preferred choice for both finishing and High Efficiency Milling.


Minimize chatter and harmonics in deep pocketing applications with our 2 flute, reduced neck high balanced end mill for aluminum materials.


With 3 flutes and a 35° helix, our H35AL-3 for aluminum materials is engineered to impress you with part quality and tool performance.


Offered in metric sizes, the MH35AL-3 is fully stocked in corner radius and square profiles, and features a 35°, slow helix for roughing applications.


The H35ALV-C-3’s specialized variable pitch and chipbreaker geometry allows for reduced harmonics and increased material removal rates. Enjoy prolonged tool life and boosted shop efficiency by utilizing this tool with High Efficiency Milling toolpaths.


Opt for this 40° helix end mill for aluminum when seeking machining flexibility, as it shares qualities of both a slow and high helix end mill.


Choose between square and corner radius profiles, and standard or reduced neck styles, on this 45° helix end mill for aluminum and non-ferrous materials.


Chipbreaker roughers work to break up long, stringy chips into small manageable pieces. This 45° helix, 3 flute tool is excellent in aluminum.


Maintain balance in deep pocketing jobs with our 3 flute highly balanced end mills, featuring coolant through technology for efficient chip evacuation.