Steels, High Temp Alloys & Titanium

Our comprehensive offering of solid carbide end mills for steels, high-temp alloys, and titanium, are built to last and excel in materials up to 65 Rc.

Fully stocked in ball and corner radius profiles, and with a reduced neck option, this 3 flute end mill can be in your machine as soon as tomorrow.


3 flute, variable pitch end mill for steels, high-temp alloys and titanium that tackles chip evacuation with comparatively wide flute valleys.


The special geometry of our HSV-4, our 4 flute, variable pitch end mill for steels, allows for both roughing and finishing applications.


Our metric, 4 flute end mill for steels comes Aplus coated for added lubricity and higher speeds and feeds in a variety of machining applications.


The offset chipbreaker geometry of our 4 flute rougher for steels, high-temp alloys, and titanium, minimizes chip size to promote efficient chip evacuation.


With 5 flutes and variable pitch geometry, our HEV-5 is a versatile, strong tool capable of impressing you in an array of CNC machining jobs.


Aplus coated for added lubricity and higher speeds and feeds, our 5 flute end mill with variable pitch is available in a variety of metric sizes.


Designed for roughing and finishing, this 5 flute finisher features a strong core and Aplus coating, allowing for aggressive speeds and feeds.


Achieve excellent performance in aggressive High Efficiency Milling toolpaths with our 5 flute, variable pitch rougher with chipbreaker geometry.


Choose from square, ball, and corner radius profiles on this 6 flute end mill, optimized for excellence in High Efficiency Milling applications.


Variable pitch geometry on our metric 6 flute end mill for steels results in higher quality final parts by minimizing harmonics in aggressive jobs.


Engineered to excel in High Efficiency Milling (HEM), this fully stocked tooling offering features offset chipbreaker geometry.


Designed strong to withstand and succeed in CNC machining's toughest applications and materials, our 7 flute end mill for steels doesn't disappoint.


Browse metric sizes of our 7 flute, variable pitch end mill, offered fully stocked and ready to ship today in square and corner radius profiles.


The 7 flute design of our chipbreaker rougher for steels offers a large core for added strength, pivotal while CNC machining in aggressive toolpaths.


The strong core on this 7 flute finisher helps it to remain an effective CNC tooling option in steels, high-temp alloys, and titanium for the long term.


Our multi-flute knuckle rougher end mill features a corner radius profile and variable pitch geometry for strong, smooth machining operations.


Multi-flute, corner radius finisher end mill for steels offered in Aplus or Tplus coatings, and in flute counts ranging from 7 to 14.