Steels, High-Temp Alloys & Titanium

With an established reputation for superior tool life, Helical has created a lineup of End Mills for Steels, High-Temp Alloys, & Titanium with proven durability. The stock-standard tools in this section are built for tough materials up to 65 Rc and offered in a variety of options that include variable pitch, multiple profiles, and flute counts from 3 to 14.
3 Flute

3 flute end mills for steels in square, ball, or corner radius profiles allow for efficient chip removal and extended tool life in a variety of operations.

4 Flute

4 flute end mills for steels in a variety of profiles and key styles, each vital to the overall outcome of your CNC machining application.

5 Flute

5 flute end mills optimized for machining steel, with differing sizes, geometries, and coating options that tailor to your CNC machining operations.

6 Flute

6 flute end mills for steels, each engineered for extended tool life in unique CNC machining applications, including high efficiency milling.

7 Flute

7 flute end mills optimized for steels with options ranging from square profile finishers to variable pitch end mills in metric sizes.


High flute corner radius finishing end mills for steels offered fully stocked and ready to ship same day in a variety of sizes and coatings.


Roughing end mills with differing styles, flute counts, and geometries for excellent results in CNC machining for steels and high temp alloys.